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Brisket Burnt Ends
Made from the Point section of the brisket, this item is often called ‘Beef Candy’.  These exceptionally tender, moist, sweet cubes of meat are often served as part of a warm sandwich or as an appetizer.

$17.00 per pound

Spare Ribs - Full Slab

From lower in the rib section, these ribs have more meat than the Baby Back Ribs.  Having the tips still attached means a mighty meaty meal that is full of flavor.

$25.00 per slab

Cheese Fatty

We mix shredded cheddar cheese, with the sausage before seasoning and smoking.  This allows the cheese to caramelize on the outside while adding additional richness on the inside.

$7.50 per pound

Double Smoked Ham

A Single Smoked Ham is good.  Our Double Smoked Ham is far and away better.  Studded with cloves, basted with our special glaze while being smoked for hours delivers the most moist, flavorful ham you’ve ever had. 

$7.00 per pound


Smoked Poppers

Jalapeño peppers stuffed with our own mixture of spices, cream cheese, and smoked pork, wrapped with bacon, and then smoked until the bacon is crispy.

$10.00 per Dozen

Spinach Balls

Small spinach appetizers served with a creamy lemon sauce

$7.00 per Dozen


Beef Ribs
Remember Fred Flintstone?  Often called “Dinosaur Bones”, these ribs are a bit leaner than our short ribs but just as flavorful.

$15.00 per pound 

Catering Options

Buck Board Bacon

The flavor of bacon and the texture of ham.  Made using a boneless shoulder, cured for over a week, coated with maple syrup and crushed pepper corns, and then smoked, it’s a must try. 

$7.00 per pound

Beef Brisket
The brisket is one of the toughest cuts of beef, yet, when smoked at a low temperature for hours it ends up being one of the most tender, flavorful, moist meals in town.

Unsliced - $16.00 per pound

Sliced - $17.00 per pound

Beef Short Ribs
These ribs come from the upper rib section and are full of meat and flavor.  Slow smoked for an average of eight hours they have a great bark (the outside crust) and an extremely tender center.

$16.00 per pound

Pork Shoulder
Smoked low and slow for 12 to 15 hours this meat can’t help but be tender, moist, and full of flavor.

Whole - $14.00 per pound

Pulled - $15.00 per pound

It's an unfortunate reality that meat costs are changing almost daily, both up and down.  because of this  the above prices may change without notice.


Corned beef rubbed with our pepper rub and then smoked to get an incredibly moist piece of meat.  Sliced thin for sandwiches or thicker to stand on its own.

Unsliced - $17.00 per pound

Sliced - $18.00 per pound

There is nothing better when you are hosting an event than reducing stress and one of the biggest stresses is worrying about the food.  With our experience, we can check that item off of your list.  Whether it's for a small group or large gathering, we can handle all of your food requests.

Spare Ribs - St. Louis Style

A classic cut of meaty rib meat.  Rubbed down with our special rib rub and smoked for hours yielding tender, moist meat with a fantastic outer bark.

$20.00 per slab

Basic Fatty

A ‘Fatty’ is breakfast sausage that is seasoned with our sweet rub and then smoked.  This product can be served on its own or fried as a side or put between two biscuit halves.  Terrific when broken up for biscuit gravy or used as part of a stuffing for poultry.

$6.50 per pound

Pig Candy

Everything is better with bacon, right?  We take bacon, smoke it again until its crisp, and then top it with our home made caramel sauce.  Eat by the slice or crush it up as an ice cream topping.

$7.00 per pound

Stuffed Fatty

We’ve been known to put all kinds of ingredients in the center of a fatty.  One of our favorites is stuffing it with Feta Cheese, Olives, Roasted Peppers, and Garlic making what we call a ‘Greek Fatty’.  You think it up and we’ll do it.

$7.50 per pound plus ingredients

Baby Back Ribs

A Chicago classic, these ribs are tender and full of flavor.  Cut from the top of the rib section these ribs are generally leaner but still have that great rib flavor because our special rib rub.

$22.00 per Slab


Canadian Bacon

Pork loin that is cured for three days and then smoked, this lean version of bacon is ready for frying.  Use it for breakfast or for a lean version of a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich.

$6.00 per pound

Rib Tips

Once thought to be ‘trash’ meat this cut may require a little work to get around the cartilage but is well worth the effort.  Rubbed with our rib rub and smoked low and slow to obtain both juicy meat with a great bark.  Often used as an appetizer.

$13.00 per slab


Catering and Seasonings

Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose, and Cornish Game Hens

Rubbed with our poultry rub and then smoked producing a rich, moist flavor.  Because the cost of poultry varies throughout the year, our prices do not include the cost of the meat.  Please contact us for the current pricing.

$3.50 per pound plus the cost of the meat